Hello world!

Hi world of interwebs! This is my very first blog post (hand clap emoji! x 3)

So, here's a little bit about myself to kick off the blog world! I'm Emilie Mann. To make sense to the name of my brand- Emilie (middle name-) Belle Mann.

I've been an artist and a creative human for as long as I remember. I would find anything and everything possible to just create something out of for my whole childhood, and always knew no matter what the dream was to create, for a living. I remember in middle school thinking to myself "I hope flowers never go 'out' of style - because it's all I like drawing' .. I always felt drawn to them, passionate about recreating them through my eyes. Well, good things flowers didn't go "out" of style (and never will)! 

Fast forward to 2014- I'd deleted and recreated my instagram for a fresh start of using the app only for my art. Flower drawing naturally took off, and easily became what I knew was my "niche". One by one I got jobs and inquiries here and there, each one being a step in the exact right direction.

Here I am today, finally kicking up a website (and it's all the work I thought it was!) in taking the next step in this whole freelance/ business world as an artist. I look forward to connecting with you all on here!

Much love,


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